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Event History

Relay for Life started in Tacoma, WA in 1985 when Dr. Gordie Klatt ran and walked solo around the track at the University of Puget Sound for 24 hours, raising more than $27,000 for the fight against cancer. From there grew the American Cancer Society's nationwide signature event, Relay For Life. What started as one man's dream is now an event taking place in over thousands of communities across the country as well as in Puerto Rico and Guam. Most importantly, it is raising millions of dollars to fund our life saving programs of research, advocacy and service -- 

Local Event History

Person County held it's first annual fundraiser in 1990, it was called Making Strides. That year the community raised $6,000. The first event was chaired by Sheila Van Hoy.  In 1996 the event was changed to an overnight event, symbolizing cancer patients living with cancer 24 hours per day. The dollar amount raised is always incredible for a such small community.  We continue to have a successful event year after year, regardless of the economy, because of dedicated support from the community and people like you, people willing to help make a difference. 

The people of Person County have raised over $3.1M for Relay for Life over the past years. The 1998-1999, 1999-2000 event as well as the  2001-2002 event was recognized as the #1 Relay for Life event in the country per capita for it's population division. Last year we were once again named a top 10 community in the nation  for our fund-raising.  The money raised really makes a difference by funding research to look for a cure.

Sheila Clayton Van Hoy  co-chaired the event for thirteen years. Her leadership and commitment  really made an impact in shaping our local event. A Special thank you goes out to her for her many years of dedication to the Relay for Life event and for sharing her vision with us.

Person County's Relay for Life has been very successful over the last sixteen years, but our goal is finding a cure for cancer not just raising money. During these same years, we have lost many friends who were dear to us in Person County. This proves we still have a lot of work yet to do.! 

Jim Graham & Sheila Clayton Van Hoy



Person County Contributions
Relay for Life 

1990 $6,000
1991 $17,000
1992 $23,000
1993 $35,000
1994 $50,000
1995 $55,000
1996 $86,000
1997 $150,000
1998 $197,000
1999 $239,000
2000 290,000
2001 337,000
2002 272,303
2003 225,000
2004 236,000
2005 206,000
2006 232,450
2007 248,000
2008 207,000
2009 ?
Totals to Date




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